Disturbed have released a video for their brand new single “Divisive”

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The new song is the title track to their forthcoming album, which will debut on November 18th.

Divisive pulls no punches as a precise, pummeling, and powerful hard rock opus. Over the last year, the quartet cut these ten tracks with producer Drew Fulk in Nashville, Tennessee. After Donegan shared initial ideas with the rest of the group, they locked in like never before with the groove as the backbone. Drummer Mike Wengren bolted down some of the strongest and boldest rhythms of their career punctuated by John Moyer‘s punchy bass. Together, the musicians collectively conjured the focus and fire of their seminal early output augmented by airtight songcraft and a heightened level of musical chemistry that could only be forged by years of writing and touring together. As a result, Divisive finds Disturbed at their most dynamic, defiant, and dangerous.

The title track and the title itself are indicative of the incredibly f***ed up state of things we are living in. It’s about how hyper-polarity has influenced everything people do in life. People are addicted to outrage. They’re addicted to finding the next thing that will piss them off so they can rave about it on social media. Everything negative was given a shot of steroids.

David Draiman


01 Hey You
02 Bad Man
03 Divisive
04 Unstoppable
05 Love To Hate
06 Feeding The Fire
07 Don’t Tell Me (feat. Ann Wilson)
08 Take Back Your Life
09 Part Of Me
10 Won’t Back Down

Written by: p@x

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