Money & The Man is a two-man garage-blues band from Zwolle, the Netherlands

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Money & The Man is a two-man garage-blues band from Zwolle, the Netherlands, formed in 2013. Influenced by Blues, Indie and Rock ‘n’ Roll, the guys like to play loud and intense.

According to a legend from Zwolle, a monster crawls out of the mud of the IJssel every five hundred years. An old fire burns in his eyes and an intoxicating breath steams from the nostrils of this two-headed beast. That is known as the colossus Money & The Man.

Money & The Man won fans and convinced the music press with they’re sweaty garage blues and intense indie rock & roll from their 2018 self-titled debut. Their bulldozer riffs and drums gallop over you like stampeding horses. Follow up Money No Time – Time No Money was born from the same fury and energy, with even more memorable hooks.

This album was recorded in a former Chinese restaurant. Surrounded by the schmutz of years of questionable hygiene compliance, the thirteen songs were recorded on tape. The sound units knocked the dust off the fake ming vases and peeled green algae slurry off the aquarium walls – behind which fat koi carps once watched the world pass by. Recorded in the winter of 2019 in a freezing cold, the only way to warm up during the eight days of recording was to make music as if their lives depended on it.

Singer / guitarist Henk Wesselink and drummer Ymte Koekkoek could not stand each other, until in 2013 they locked themselves up in a musical treasure room full of magical sounds. From then on they were inseparable.

Inspired by past glories and an unknown future, they started writing about the choices between career and happiness.

In the following years they molded their sound. A sound that, in addition to the gut-stimulating primal force you’d expect from a garage blues-pounding duo, secretly contains ingenious elements. Unexpected changes in tempo and uneven time signatures enhance the feeling of disorientation and joyful surrender, similar to spinning in the middle of a moshpit.

Those who have money have no time and those who have time have no money. But there is a consolation: music played from the heart that makes your diaphragm rattle. This music makes you forget your worries about money for a moment and allows you to merge with eternity for two and a half minutes.

Written by: p@x

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